orange or red designer Marieke van Heck combines traditional techniques with contemporary design. Her investigative approach leads to innovative methods that result in timeless and striking products.
Marieke has her own collection and also works with architects, brands and producers.

Design & craftsmanship
Marieke explores the boundaries of materials and technique in her work, combining graphic design, textile and product design. The results are refined and seemingly simple.

Artistic statements
This simplicity makes her work accessible, and also interesting for connoisseurs and design enthusiasts: her designs only reveal their essence to those who look once again. They are artistic statements that combine the love of material with a passion for craftsmanship.

Refined simplicity
The name orange or red refers to the choices a designer faces and to the nuance that characterizes Marieke’s work. This refined style and very specific color palette define her entire oeuvre.

Architects, brands, producers
In addition to her work for orange or red, Marieke also collaborates with architects and interior designers, specialists, brands and producers. This can lead to one-off pieces or special products produced in a series. Marieke’s research and design process can start from either material or a product; she finds possibilities from within limitations. Sustainability and integrity are always essential, in terms of materials used as well as the production process. 

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