Dashes in 'Nu te zien'

Recently Dashes textile object had it's national TV debut in the Dutch television program 'Nu te zien' from AVROTROS kunst.

In episode 24 Ann Demeester - director of the Frans Hals museum in Haarlem - expresses beautifully why Buitenplaats Doornburgh is so unique. In the program Ann takes you to the refectory as well. In addition to other works of art, this dining room also features Dashes textile object, nice to see this fits in so well.

For the beautiful story of Ann Demeester about Buitenplaats Doornburgh, see: https://www.npostart.nl/AT_2151482.

summer expo Kunst Centrum Haarlem

Summer exhibition at Kunst Centrum Haarlem with work of Haarlem artists


Corrine Bonsma

Celine van den Boorn

Rob Bouwman

Helmuth van Galen

Marieke van Heck - orange or red

Manon Hertog

Vincent Uilenbroek

On view until mid-August, at

Kunst Centrum Haarlem
Gedempte Oude Gracht 117-121
2011 GP Haarlem

The Netherlands

Dashes at Buitenplaats Doornburgh

Dashes textile object is now on view at Buitenplaats Doornburgh, a former convent from the 1960s, built in the architectural style of the Bossche School.


You can find Dashes textile object in the refter.

Buitenplaats Doornburgh
Diependaalsedijk 17
3601 GH  Maarssen

The Netherlands

koda amsterdam x orange or red 

DUIN bag is the result of an inspiring collaboration with koda amsterdam, which creates unique accessories of left over fabrics.

As DUIN is made of the beautiful, sturdy tent fabric of Karsten tenten, the design of the bag is based on the folding principles of a tent as well;

flat when folded, unfolded the bag can be transformed into two sizes –

shoulder bag or shopper.

virtual design festival

As for textiles not only appearance, but also texture and touch are important.

To give you the full experience, we would have liked to present Dashes textile object during the Salone in Milan. 

Since this was not an option, we were happy to show the four meter long textile object to an international audience via VDF x Ventura Projects, the virtual design festival powered by Dezeen:


orange or red in PI• and Kavel & Huis

Tw0 nice publications about OBJECT Rotterdam, in PI• magazine (project and interior) and Kavel & Huis magazine, with among others Dashes textile object of orange or red.

OBJECT Rotterdam

From February 7 to 9 orange or red will participate in OBJECT Rotterdam, where we will show Dashes.

OBJECT Rotterdam

Vierhavenstraat 38 - Rotterdam - The Netherlands

HAKA building - 2nd floor

Looking forward to meeting you!

R360 in Interior Design Magazine

Nice publication of R360 side table - stool in the Fall Market Tabloid of Interior Design magazine.

exposition at Kunst centrum Haarlem

From November 23 to January 18, orange or red exhibits at Kunst centrum Haarlem. Here we present a wide selection of our collection.


Kunst centrum Haarlem

Gedempte Oude Gracht 117-121  - Haarlem - The Netherlands

November 23 - January 18

opening drink

November 23 - 14.00

Hope to see you there!

Dutch Design Week

At DDW orange or red shows the newest additions in the collection,

Dashes space connector and rug.


                                     Dutch Design Week

                                     October 19  -  27






                                     Hurksestraat 19


                                     The Netherlands

Hope to see you!

fairs and exhibitions

This fall orange or red participates in the following fairs and exhibitions:

                                     Maison & Objet

                                     Paris - France

                                     September 6 - 10

                                     hall 6 (today - signature)


                                     Masterly The Hague

                                     Den Haag - The Netherlands

                                     September 19 - 22

                                     Dutch Design Week

                                     Eindhoven - The Netherlands

                                     October 19 - 27

                                     at PLAN-B 

VTwonen television

As young designer brand orange or red was invited to participate in the Dutch television programm VTwonen 'Weer verliefd op je huis'.


Enjoyed our chat with Marianne and Kees, as well as the nice make-over of the house.


Early 2019 you can meet us at the following exhibitions:

                                     OBJECT Rotterdam

                                     HAKA building, Rotterdam

                                     4th floor

                                     February 8 - 10 




                                      Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71


                                      January 11 - February 28

fairs and exhibitions

This fall orange or red will participate in the following fairs and exhibitions:

                                     Maison & Objet


                                     September 7 - 11

                                     hall 6 (today - signature) - L68


                                     Expo Haarlemmermeer


                                     September 2 - 3

                                     hal 1 - A.17

                                     Dutch Design Week


                                     October 20 - 28

                                     at Piet Hein Eek, gallery

Hope to see you!

orange or red in Interior Design magazine 

Nice article of orange or red in the special Guide section of  Interior Design magazine's Winter homes issue.  


If you'd like to not only see the orange or red collection, but feel it as well, you can visit one of the following stores:


The Netherlands                                     Germany

Marjoke de Heer - Amsterdam              Bauhaus designshop - Dessau

Antonia'z - Amsterdam                           Blanket Store - Frankfurt

Meijer & Floor - Arnhem                        Boucherie - Köln

Van Waay en Soetekouw - Delft

Gemeentemuseum - Den Haag              France   

DAD - Groningen                                      Pia - Pia - Bordeaux

Kunst centrum Haarlem - Haarlem      Improbable Jardin - Lorient

Studio De Klare Lijn - Leiden                 amôbo - Morteau

KADE living - Tilburg                              Kann Design - Paris

Strand West - Utrecht                              Côte Déco - Perpignan

Van Tellingen Interieurs - Zeist             Inter-Faces - Toulon   


Belgium                                                      Danmark

Home Made Stories - Antwerpen.         Louisiana shop - Humlebaek

Patterns - Brussels                                    

Huiszwaluw - Gent                                   World

                                                                      Axis - Tokyo - Japan

United Kingdom                                      Gallery Yukei - Kyoto - Japan

Burnett & Company - Aldeburgh           Sel et Poivre - Beirut - Lebanon

SCP - London                                             Morlen Sinoway atelier - Chicago - US



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