1.1 These terms and conditions (hereinafter: conditions) are applicable on all orders and agreements with orange or red. The terms and conditions can be reviewed on our website
1.2 Unless agreed otherwise, these conditions apply to all agreements with orange or red. Accepting an offer or placing an order shall mean that you accept these conditions.
1.3 The provisions in these conditions may only be deviated from in writing, in which case the other provisions shall remain in full force.
1.4 All rights and claims stipulated in these conditions and in any other agreements for orange or red’s benefits shall likewise be stipulated for the benefit of intermediaries and other third parties engaged by orange or red.


Private persons or juridical entities that purchase an article with orange or red.


By completing a purchase at our website, the buyer agrees to our general sales conditions. On all transactions Dutch law is applicable.


Special conditions, whether instigated by the Seller or the Client, are put in writing.


5.1 All our offers are non-binding. We are obliged to deliver the ordered article after we have confirmed the order in writing. orange or red has the right not to confirm an order, and thus not to deliver, without providing a reason.
5.2 If an order, after confirmation by us, cannot be executed, we will return the amount paid by the Client, without interest or other financial compensation, and as soon as possible.


6.1 Delivery of articles takes place in those countries that are indicated on our website.
6.2 Unless otherwise indicated or agreed upon, the costs for delivery are not included in the sales price. The costs for delivery are separately indicated.
6.3 Orders are dispatched, indicatively, within 2 or 3 working days.
6.4 We have the right to deliver in several batches.
6.5 The Client is responsible for providing the correct address coordinates, as well as providing access to the delivery address. Extra costs as a result of incorrect coordinates provided by the Client will be charged on the Client.
6.6 When the Client is not home at the time of delivery, the article will be offered a second time. If the article cannot be delivered at the second visit the article will be returned to orange or red. The article can be sent again at the expense of the Client.


7.1 Without prejudice to the other rights it has, orange or red shall, in the case of force majeure, be entitled, at its option, to suspend execution of your order or rescind the agreement without court intervention, by informing you of this in writing and without orange or red being obliged to pay any damages, unless, in the given circumstances, this would be unacceptable according to the principles of reasonableness and fairness.
7.2 Force majeure shall mean any breach which cannot be attributed to orange or red, because it is not at fault, and for which it does not bear responsibility pursuant to law, acts intended to have legal effect or generally accepted standards.


All articles remain our property until the full price, including all costs, have been paid by the Client. In case of partial non-payment, we have the right to reclaim the article, by law and at the costs of the Client.


9.1 We give warranty within the limits of the law on consumer protection. orange or red excludes any liability for problems with articles arising from production mistakes or wrong usage of the article.
9.2 orange or red endeavours to show the articles on its website as real as possible. For this purpose we also provide descriptions including size. However, colors and images can be different on screens and pictures, and the Client should take into account that there might small differences in the colors of the depicted articles.


10.1 Complaints, clearly described and supported if need be by pictures, should reach us within 14 days after the purchase, or at a moment otherwise considered reasonable. The receipt by the Client of the article constitutes the moment that a deficit or damage can be established.
10.2 The address to which complaints should be sent is:orange or red
Krelagestraat 16
2012 CS  Haarlem
The Netherlands
Or send an email to our Customer Service:
10.3 orange or red will promptly confirm the receipt of the complaint and indicate to the Client within which timeframe the complaint will be handled.
10.4 Never accept packages that have been clearly damaged because of transportation. Should the article be damaged, please inform us immediately.Never throw out the original package before you have ascertained that the article is the one you agreed to purchase and is undamaged.

ARTICLE 11 - return

11.1 The Client has the right to return the article within 7 days after receipt. The article should reach us undamaged and unused and in the original box. We will return the full sum paid the Client for the article by bank transfer.
11.2 The Client can return the article to us at his or her own expense and risk.11.3 Return shipments with insufficient postage shall not be accepted.

ARTICLE 12 - payments

12.1 Payments are due upon completion of the purchase by pressing the ‘complete purchase’ button. In case of written agreement upon a delayed payment, the payment is due not later than indicated in the invoice.
12.2 In case of payment via bank transfer, the goods will be dispatched upon receipt by orange or red of the due sum.

ARTICLE 13 - changes

We have the right to modify and correct our prices and information.

ARTICLE 14 - personal data

14.1 By completing an order with us, the Client permits us to use his or her personal data for the administration and management of the orders with us, and for marketing and research purposes by orange or red. We use the Client’s data for individualized marketing (that is, newsletter) only after the Client’s explicit permission during the completion of the purchase.
14.2 We never provide third parties with our Clients’ personal data or purchase records.
14.3 The Client has the right to ask for clearing all his or her data from our database.

ARTICLe 15 - validity general conditions

The annulment by law of one the articles of these general conditions does not infringe upon the validity of the other articles.

ARTICLE 16 - disputes

Dutch law is applicable to all our transactions.

ARTICLE 17 - disclamer and copyright

17.1 We try our best to provide as accurate as possible information on our website. However, we do not bear responsibility for any incomplete or wrong information that might occur on our website.
17.2 All contents of this website, text and pictures, are the intellectual property of orange or red. The contents of this website can be used by third parties only upon written permission by orange or red.